Yemeni Military Use Toxic Gas Against to Protesters

Dozens of protesters Yemen reportedly suffered injuries and poisoning after security forces used poison gas to disperse anti-government protests.

On Sunday, at least 30 people and 40 others wounded after troops threw gas poisoning to the demonstrators in the city of Dhamar.

In addition, a report said that 10 people were wounded when Yemeni troops menembali protesters in Sanaa.

Tens of thousands of anti-regime protestors took to the streets of the capital, Sanaa, and the city Taizz, to President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on to resign.

Hundreds of thousands of people participated in demonstrations in two towns was routine and in the city of Aden in the south, calling for the resignation of Saleh and the eradication of corruption and unemployment.

At least 13 people were injured when supporters of President Ali attacked the rally in the city of Taiz.

About 40% of Yemen population living on two dollars U.S. per day or less and one third of the population experiencing food shortages.

Protesters opposed by anti-riot police or the armed supporters of Saleh knives and batons.

The death rate in the country has exceeded 300 since the protests began in late January.

On Sunday (17 / 4), Yemeni women protest against Saleh's second day after he described the participation of women in the protest as "un-Islamic."

Thousands of people gathered for the funeral of a protester who died from their injuries because of clashes with security forces.

Opposition leaders and Arab foreign ministers meeting in Saudi Arabia to discuss the impasse in Yemen.

Last week, the opposition rejected the Arab proposal to give immunity from prosecution Saleh and preached it to hand over power to his deputy.

President of Yemen gave a brief speech on his supporters in which he called himself the "legitimate leader of Yemen according to the Constitution" and repeated his invitation to the opposition groups to enter into dialogue with the government.

"We call on the opposition to consult with their conscience and come in dialogue and reach an agreement for security and stability of the country," said Saleh on supporters in Sanaa.

However, the opposition rejected talks with the government and gave the President two weeks to resign.

The opposition also rejected the Saudi-mediated dialogue to transfer power in Yemen, which offers immunity from prosecution for Saleh.

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