Google Video Closed Soon

Companies from the United States, Google, decided to close the Google Video service. But this time, the video in the service can still be downloaded, at least until the 13th of May.

Excerpted from Mashable, Monday (18/04/2011), although the video still can be downloaded before the 13th of May, Google Video can only be accessed until April 29, 2011.

This is done because there may be users who want to transfer their videos to YouTube, the video sharing site which is also owned by Google.

The decision to close the Google Video considered too slow, after a stop accepting video uploads from users since May 2009. As is known, the current video site YouTube has become very popular all over the world.

YouTube has provided a high revenue for Google. Especially after they took a number of companies to improve service and quality on YouTube.

Google also plans to make 20 special channel on YouTube with the original program. For that, they had set aside $ 100 million United States dollars (about USD 866 billion).

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