WOW..Simon Cowell Earnings of U.S. $ 200 Thousand in One Day

All probably already know that man's full name is Simon Phillip Cowell successful people in the entertainment business but did you ever imagine how much income Simon in a day? More than U.S. $ 200 thousand in a day! Imagine! And it seems this Simon property will not be reduced at least until six years into the future.

The result shows that the music and television shows only Simon Cowell could generate about U.S. $ 208 thousand in one day. Simco, the company owned by Simon Cowell is said to produce no less than U.S. $ 52.7 million in just nine months during the year 2009. Companies that produce THE X-FACTOR is she founded in 2002 but later he sold to Sony BMG in 2005 valued at nearly U.S. $ 70 million on the condition he still gets the benefit in the form of salary.

In the news reported by Splash News also mentioned that Simon Cowell and then founded Syco Entertainment Limited which is a result of his cooperation with Sony BMG. Now, the 51-year-old man was entitled to 50% of Syco Entertainment Limited and in the next six years, predicted Simon will get no less than U.S. $ 1.6 billion from this company.

Source : kpn

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