Orgasms make Women More Success Working

Gained satisfaction during sexual intercourse it can determine the success of her career. According to some experts, women can experience orgasm on a regular basis will be more successful in the place he worked.

British sex expert, Dr. Lisa Turner said, "Orgasm is something luxurious, although many women who see that the orgasm is not important."

As quoted from the first female, a report revealed that as many as 50 percent of women failed to reach orgasm. According to Dr. Turner, the failure of women to get an orgasm can damage the body even their career.

"When a woman does not have an orgasm, it will be a significant energy drain. Women who rarely orgasm is usually not enough to love him, afraid to let go, and often fail in matters of employment or business due to fundamental things," said Dr. Turner.

Turner said there are five factors that make women harder to get an orgasm; social isolation, psychological problems, financial problems, sexual and physical abuse. But when they got past these obstacles, they will have a successful life. Turner also said that rising energy and strength can direct them to a successful career.

For those couples who are old, age is not a barrier to getting an orgasm. "Orgasm will be better and easier when you get older," he said.

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