Gambia: The burning of the Quran For War On Islam

Government of Gambia on Wednesday condemned the arson tragedy Bible Qur'an by a Florida priest as a "declaration of war" on Islam and urged U.S. authorities to take him to court.
In a statement broadcast on state media, the West African country said the "heinous crime" Terry Jones was "endangering millions of lives of American citizens.
"We learned to express dismay, shock and fear about burning a copy of the Koran Bible by Terry Jones in the U.S. last month.
"A heinous act of humiliation, fanatical and provocation that we curse in the strongest possible terms." The statement said.
"Terry Jones has brought the threat, which is a declaration of war against Islam and Muslims, thus endangering world peace and security.
"With this, we ask the U.S. government to bring Terry Jones to court as soon as possible."
"The actions of Terry Jones has been putting millions of American citizens ... thus endangering U.S. national security interests around the world," he added.
Jones, pastor Dove World Outreach Center, led the burning of the Muslim holy book was on March 20, at his church in Florida, an action that has long since she ancamkan despite warnings that such action would endanger American citizens.
In the video burning is posted on the website of his church, before burning, pastor Terry Jones held a hearing pencemoohan these holy book in which he led from the pulpit like a judge.
His sentence is determined by the results of an online poll.
In addition to the burn, the "execution" include tearing, drowning and shooting troops face. Jones, an Evangelical pastor nondenominasional, said that voters had chosen to burn the book, according to a video of the trial.
Unlike the anger of the world that welcomes pastors plan to burn 200 copies of the Quran on September 11 - which in the end he left behind - the show trials in the church with 50 members of the majority is ignored by the news media.
Around 2 pm on Friday, burning videos Qur'an has existed on the church website has witnessed only 1500 times.
In the video, a priest named Wayne Sapp looks sparked a Qur'an which doused kerosene with a plastic pematik, members of the church saw the holy book was burned several minutes while several photographers taking photos.
Combustion is then triggered protests across Afghanistan and around the world.
Although U.S. President Barack Obama has mngutuk arson as an act of fanatics, Jones is protected from indictment by the U.S. constitution.
Muslims make 85 percent of the 1.5 million population in the Gambia

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