Madrid slaughter Spurs 4-0

Madrid - Real Madrid's 4-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur did make Los Blancos almost certainly qualify for the Champions League semi-final. Even so, Cristiano Ronaldo asks Real Madrid are not complacent.
Two goals from Emmanuel Adebayor and one each from Angel at Maria and Ronaldo makes Madrid emerged as the winner of the match held at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (06/04/2011) pm dawn, them.
"I'm very happy, all team members as well. Win 4-0 at Champions League quarterfinal match against a team like Tottenham feels great," Ronaldo delight at Madrid's official website.
Madrid's superior number of players for Spurs since Peter Crouch red-carded in menti 16. Although acknowledged that the benefits that affect the number of players, Ronaldo believes that his colleagues are playing well.
"We played well despite playing with one player more in the majority of the game," said Portugal's national players. 

Ronaldo's own 'only' scored one goal while picking a number of opportunities. Opta Stats noted 25 year-old wing attacker took off 14 shots, most in the Champions League since Kaka do the stronghold of Glasgow Celtic, March 2007.
"We excel rapidly in the first half, but we were less accurate. We improved in the second half and scored three additional goals," said the former Manchester United player.
Advantages four goals to make Madrid only need a draw in the second leg at Spurs headquarters to qualify for the semifinals. Defeated by a margin of three still remain to make 'The White' pitch.
"We have reason to celebrate this, but we must stay focused because we still have to undergo the second leg. It's hard to thwart our pace, but we have to play seriously in the following match," concluded Ronaldo. 

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