Nokia CEO Style 'woo' Microsoft

No doubt, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has a special affinity with Microsoft. Because before, Elop is the top brass at the company owned by Bill Gates' last position was President of Microsoft Business Division.

So if there are deals between Nokia and Microsoft should be run more easily. As it also happens when Elop 'woo' Windows 7 Phone to Microsoft.

In an interview session to the Financial Post that quoted on Tuesday (04/05/2011), Elop said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took cooperate with casual style.

"So the beginning of my conversation with Steve (Ballmer) is to say, 'hey, we are committing a strategic development process and we are considering three options. We think Microsoft is one option. Is Microsoft willing to engage in deep and strong relationship with Nokia, something that is strategic, "said Elop.

And no need to wait a long time, Ballmer is expected to give direct answers Elop. "He responds with an answer, 'yes'," he said.

Next was predictable, the commitment of both skippers large companies is directly processed by the relevant sections. Such as engineering and development services division to sit in a desk draw on collaboration.

"The final decision is made at night before we announce this collaboration to the public on 11 February," said Elop.

Microsoft and its Windows 7 Phone duet is actually not an option the only one from Nokia. Another option that also had dawned was Google Android or walk on his own.

But the decision has been diketok hammer Nokia by cooperating with Microsoft to compete in the global handset market. Many people also look forward to, would like what flavor Nokia Phone Windows 7 that these two giants will create later.

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