Rain radiated, Schools closed in South Korea

Hundreds of schools in South Korea (ROK) had been canceled after word got out of the fallout that comes from nuclear reactors in Japan. However, the South Korean government dismissed the news by saying radiation is not going to get to South Korea.
Quoted by Yonhap news agency, Thursday, April 7, 2011, more than 130 primary schools and kindergartens in Gyeonggi province, which is located in the vicinity of the capital Seoul, closed on the orders of the local education department.
A spokesman for the department said that school closure is a precaution for the safety of students. The Department earlier on Wednesday had issued a warrant dismiss students or shorten the learning time to all schools in the province.
This warrant is only recommended, but due to concerns of teachers and parents, then nearly all schools in the province dismiss students. For those schools that remain open, teachers are encouraged to avoid activities outside the classroom.
These concerns triggered by a report of Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (Kins), which detects radioactive contamination in rain water on the island of Jeju in the south. However, contamination levels were reported still within safe limits.
"Radioactive wind air currents high in South Korea. But in low air flow, a dense radioactive difficult to wind down to the Korean Peninsula. The rain today will not be harmful to the human body," said South Korean government spokesman, Lee Ho-yeong.
According to Kim Seung-bai report from the Korea Meteorological Agency (KMA), radioactivity was detected on the island of Jeju is not from the reactor Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Japan's Fukushima Daiichi.

Source : Viva

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