Shown Confident and Sexy Tricks

Not a few women felt her body is not sexy and sensual. If you're one of the woman, see some of these simple ways for you to always believe in yourself and certainly feel sexy, as quoted from Sheknows.

1. Wear lingerie mini intersect at home
Wearing a mini dress will make you accustomed to seeing your body. Select lingerie or underwear that fits the nature of the body and walk in the house while wearing it. Believe me, right in her lingerie, you will feel sexy.

2. More frequent sex
The more often you make love, the more often you feel sexy. An activity that is active, healthy and sensual will provide high confidence.

3. Take control of sex
If usually the husband who always control your intimate activities, this time do not hesitate to take over the role of husband. Make love more often, try new things, surprise her husband with an interesting property of sex may make sex more fun activities and a certain, make you feel more sexy.

4. Appreciate your body shape
If you're wasting time and energy to focus on the weakness of the body, then you will never feel sexy. Conversely, the more you appreciate your body shape, then the confidence will increase by itself.

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