20 Ton Carbolic Acid Contamination in China River

Tens of tons of liquid carbolic Xin'an spill into the river in China, on Saturday last week. Now, carbolic is contaminating the river is a source of drinking water supplies for hundreds of thousands of people.

According to the page the Associated Press, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, as much as 20 tons of carbolic acid spilled when a tanker truck that brought him into the river upside down. A worker was killed in the incident.

As a result of this incident, rivers polluted to 900 times the danger limit for drink. As many as 552,000 people in the suburbs of Hangzhou threatened not get the water supply. Townspeople then buying bottled water for fear of drinking contaminated water. This action makes bottled water scarce in some places.

To overcome this, the local government temporarily shut down water lines and open the dam to increase the volume of water to dissolve the carbolic. Carbolic fluid is a liquid cleanser that is also used as raw material for making plastics and other materials.

Directly exposed to this fluid can cause skin burns. If ingested will damage internal organs and nerve tissues.

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