Thousands Yemen Army Joined the rebels

About 10,000 officers and soldiers Yemeni Republican Guard, and Air Force Safety Center defected from the government on Wednesday to join the rebels demanded from President Ali Abdullah Saleh to quickly go down, a military official told Xinhua.
"More than 10,000 officers and soldiers of the Army of the Republic, the Security Center and the Air Force arrived on Wednesday at the headquarters of the First Armored troops in the capital Sanaa and met with the division commander General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar," said the official told Xinhua, who requested that his identity remain anonymous.
"They say in front of the commander of al-Ahmar on their defection from the Saleh government and joined the protesters, led by the youth, vowed to support and protect the peaceful revolution of youth," the official said.
Hundreds of residents cheered Yemen welcomed the officers who joined the crowd in the center of the capital Sana'a, where protesters held a demonstration.
The officers and soldiers earlier declared their decision to the Commandant-General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar in the headquarters of First Armored Division soldier in Sana'a.
Before that day, a military official told Xinhua that a soldier and an officer of the army division al-Ahmar was killed in an attack overnight by security forces pro-Saleh in Sanaa. He said army troops also shot and killed four attackers.
Saba state news agency late on Wednesday quoted a Defense Ministry official as saying that troops who defected from the First Armored Division began attacking pro-government security forces, accused of deserting the army unit that plans for fomenting sedition.
Al-Ahmar, head of the First Armored Division and commander of the Northwest Military Region, is a half-brother of President Saleh. He defected from the government to join with the protesters after the shooting of protesters in Sana'a on 18 March.
On Tuesday, al-Ahmar voiced support for plans by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which asked Saleh to hand over power to his deputy and get immunity from prosecution.
Yemen has experienced anti-government protests demanding an immediate end to the power of Saleh's 33 years since mid-February. The political crisis resulted in worsening of the security and stability in the country after the government withdraw the police from several large provincial cities with a pretext to avoid friction with the protesters.
Meanwhile the President on March 28, admits that he has lost control over five provinces, which have been taken either by the tribe or by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).
Meanwhile, clashes between government troops and the troops who sided with anti-government protests have left at least five people were killed in the capital of Yemen.
Defection occurred while anti-regime protests are gaining momentum in Yemen hit by the crisis.
Saleh has refused to cede power despite widespread protests since mid-February to the 30-year reign.

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