Justin Bieber + Slipknot - Psychosocial Baby

Hatred 'rock music fans of teen phenomenal star Justin Bieber is likely to end soon. Especially when he knows, one of the band Slipknot was their idol can also be coupled with Bieber in the 'video collaboration' Psychosocial titled Baby.

Since then uploaded March 19, 2011, this user-made videos already viewed more than 3 million viewers, with approximately 40 880 people liked it. And although there are 2516 people registered who do not like - until this story down, but still many who give a positive response.

"This is the only way Justin Bieber is getting on my ipod," wrote one user named cwalkermichael.

Initially, the video opens with scenes of Justin's first video clip titled Baby. Up to fit in 0:13 seconds, with a look of fierce growl voice Corey Taylor appeared. He started to bring the lyrics of the song titled Slipknot Psychosocial with pop music a la Justin Bieber.

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