10 Most Beautiful Galaxy in Universe

HubbleSpace Telescope is a collaboration between NASA with the European Space Agency which has been operating for 20 years never stopped taking photographs of outer space. HubbleSpace is one of the best telescope for NASA. Astronomers chose 10 pictures of galaxies most beautiful of the many images of galaxies ever taken by this HubbleSpace teleskopo.

Here are 10 pictures in the most beautiful galaxy universe that his picture was taken by the Hubble HubbleSpace:

1. The Sombrero Galaxy

2. The Ant Nebula

3. Nebula NGC 2392

4. Cat's Eye Nebula

5. The Hourglass Nebula

6. Cone Nebula.

7. The Perfect Storm

8. Starry Night

9. The glowering eyes

10. The Trifid Nebula. A 'stellar nursery'


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