Beat the Man. United, Arsenal Keep Opportunities

Arsenal managed to create a competitive struggle for the Premier League title took place interesting. Because, entertain league leaders Manchester United, the Gunners won 1-0 success on Sunday (fifth).

In the match, both teams were both showing the majority of his best players. At camp host, Cesc Fabregas, who missed only because of an injury a few hours ahead of the game. Meanwhile, Man. United are also must divide the concentration of the Champions League, save Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.

Directly created the first chance for the Gunners in the 3rd minute. Nemanja Vidic error when disposing of the ball, only made Jack Wilshere free-standing near the penalty box. Unfortunately, these young players still kick sideways though the position is quite open.

Arsenal returned to pounding the Red Devils defense almost throughout the first half. In minute 15, Arsenal have a golden opportunity to score reliably cross Wilshere which leads right into Theo Walcott, was not rescued Patrice Evra.

Red Devils finally have a chance of the net in the 20th minute. Acceleration Fabio da Silva broke through the left side of the Arsenal defense. However, Fabio fail to make decisions quickly between a direct kick or give feedback to Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez.

A controversy of the judges present on the line again this weekend. In the 32nd minute, Walcott's cross leads right into Robin van Persie. However, the ball actually turn directions because Vidic menghalaunya by hand. There is no penalty. The first round match also ended goalless draw.

Four minutes into the second half, the visitors almost opened the superiority through free-kick Wayne Rooney. A shot was brilliantly stopped Wojciech Szczesny and throwing the ball failed to be utilized Evra.

Public Emirates finally rumbled when Aaron Ramsey managed to bring Arsenal ahead in the 56th minute. Starting from behind the attacks, Robin van Persie success gives a sweet feed that quietly settled a horizontal kick Ramsey. 1-0 to Arsenal.

Snapped a goal from the host, Man. United immediately come out attacking. While Arsenal looked replacement using the strategy behind the attacks.

Opportunity Man. United to equalize the score is always done. To the extent that Sir Alex Ferguson to enter Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen to add power to bang on the team. Even for five minutes before the game ended, Man. United just put Park Ji-Sung as a midfielder all alone in midfield.

However, the effort is in vain. The match had ended 1-0 for Arsenal victory. With these results, the Gunners are still stalking in third. Unlike the three and six points from Chelsea and Manchester United.


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