Hyundai i40 Sedan, Take advantage of the Global Platform Of Europe

South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai seems to want to take advantage of existing platforms in multiple versions as its global product. And after removing variant i40 wagon version some time ago, so now they are ready to release his sedan model in the event the Barcelona Motor Show 2011 this weekend.

As a depiction of the original figure of the D-segment car, the Hyundai i40 sedan released a sketch rendering. Hyundai i40 sedan built in their design research center in the city Russelheim, Germany. no wonder with a touch of European engineers, the impression is very pronounced on the i40 elegant.

From this sketch visible from the exterior design 'fluidic sculpture', which makes the i40 sedan look dynamic. In addition, the impression of a typical European luxury line display representation of the grooved body.

The plan, Hyundai i40 sedan will equip machines with several variants. Among them, two 1.7-liter diesel engine (115 hp and 136 hp), while the gasoline engine also presents two types, that is GDI-powered 1.6-liter 140 hp, and the strongest version of their 2.0-liter Theta II powerless 177 dk.

Although Hyundai has not confirmed the sale price and the details, but it is expected i40 will face the Ford Mondeo sedan and VW Passat in European markets.


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