Five Rise Triggers Weight Loss

Formula weight loss success was quite simple. You only need to burn more energy than the amount of energy intake from food.

For example you would remove 0.5 pounds of fat each time you eat 3,500 calories less than the calories they burned the body. To achieve this, you definitely do not need to count calories you burn or you eat. You will lose weight as long as you can calculate correctly that your calorie intake less than the burned body.

Although it sounds very simple, but many dieters who returned experienced weight gain. To help you prevent it, here are some common factors that trigger weight gain invites.

Biological factors. Your weight also dipengauhi by genes. So far, more than 300 genes associated with obesity. Fat storage, insulin regulation, the amount of hormone secreted the body as well as various other processes are influenced by genes. In the same way, appetite regulation is also complex. Type of food you consume and the way you eat also affect your appetite. For example: short-term satiety regulator is cholecystokinin (CCK). When eating fat or protein, CCK is released, slowing the digestive process. More interestingly, soluble fiber can slow the CCK-solving, so that makes you full longer.

Unrealistic expectations. The results of scientific reviews indicate that a reduction of 10 percent of body weight within 6 months should be the target of maximum weight loss early. After 6 months, you should re-evaluate. In general, losing weight slowly will help your body adjust to changes and reduce the reaction cons. Maintaining weight loss requires the same effort (diet and exercise) with weight-loss program. In fact, most people need more exercise to maintain weight than when you lose weight.

Diet. Women tend to use a yo-yo dieting to lose weight, whereas this diet bring more negative effects than positive. Avoid eating to lose weight will make you mad and trigger overeating at subsequent meals. In addition, this method is actually slow metabolism prevents weight loss. Low-carb diets cause weight loss because energy limit. This diet basically makes the body lacks the nutrients and trigger the body's metabolism disorders.

Physical activity. Physical exercise is very important in weight loss long term. The problem is, most people often apply the wrong way. Many people are very enthusiastic at the beginning of the gym, train too hard, fatigue and eventually stop altogether.

Support. All people need support and encouragement in order to reduce and maintain ideal weight. Studies show that it is very difficult to maintain dietary changes without the support of the people around you


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