Today Lady Gaga Release Single Again

Euphoria of the release of unfinished music video second single, entitled Judas, Lady Gaga is ready for third singles. The third single is titled 'The Edge Of Glory' and is on track the last of the 14 songs on the album 'Born This Way'. Lady Gaga himself had revealed that the song 'The Edge Of Glory' is a pop-masterpiece.

A few hours ago, Gaga released the official cover for the third single of this and announced that on Monday (09 / 5) at noon, when the United States, the song 'The Edge Of Glory' is what you get through iTunes page. When converted to the western Indonesian time, means for users of Apple, can get the song 'The Edge Of Glory' on iTunes after midnight.

Buzzworthy latest album entitled 'Born This Way' scheduled for official release on 23 May. But the promo was doing practically quite different from other musicians. The first single of this album is also titled Born This Way was released in February. A month later, her second single, Judas, also was released after her music videos are controversial and have just a few days ago was released officially. Now, the third single will soon can you refer.


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