Google Lose from Apple

This year, Google seemed to bite the fingers and humbled himself in front of Apple. Based on new research conducted by global agency Millward Brown, a master's valuable brand in the world for four consecutive years that Google has now switched to Apple.

Right now Apple is worth $ 153 billion. Even a year ago Apple has also displace Microsoft's position as the most valuable technology company in the world.

Among the 10 most valuable brands, six of which are technology and communications companies. The position of the second, third and fifth achieved by Google, IBM and Microsoft. While AT & T and China Mobile are seventh and ninth.

And what about other companies? Fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth are McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Marlboro and General Electric.

What McDonald's get the ratings for the fourth? It turned out that fast-food restaurants are on the rise in the country's bamboo curtain. Yes all, China is becoming the consumer's largest fast-food restaurant.

Well, the competition the two companies are apparently immortal.


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