Five characteristics of Great Men in Bed

Attitude and personality of a man in everyday life, it can indicate what kind of quality they have in action on the bed. Little things like how to eat food, menu selection, or the trust itself can reflect how the trend while making love. Here are a number of characteristics that indicate a great man in action in bed:

How to eat a man shows how his personality on the bed. If a man feeding a spoonful of food into the mouth and swallow it without really chewing it first, it shows that he might like to have sex in a rude and insensitive. In addition, it also could indicate that he was not interested in foreplay.

Men who like to try exotic dishes that have not been tried before, most likely open to new experiences during lovemaking. Meanwhile, the man who prefers to "play safe" by ordering the familiar menu eaten, likely also will launch a routine action done on the bed.

The man who knows exactly what he wants and does not hesitate to express in any case, tend to be assertive in bed. He knows what to do to achieve pleasure, and not waste time by guessing about what is desired by their partner.

No narcissistic
A man who likes to be center of attention and talking about herself, was a dangerous egomaniacs. Do not be surprised if he only cares about his own satisfaction when acting on the bed.

The man who likes to do things spontaneously usually also be flexible on the bed. He would not mind experimenting with different sexual position to achieve the satisfaction of both parties.

What about your spouse?


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