WikiLeaks: China Intelligence eyeing Timor Leste

WikiLeaks launch wire secret diplomatic documents that mention the United States of Chinese intentions to build a spy base in East Timor - a former 27th province of Indonesia. It is known from the proposal development and operation of a radar facility on the northern coast of Timor Leste which filed in December 2007.

However, according to the document, the plan failed. As a news site published Australia, The Age, May 10, 2011, the government of Timor Leste suspicious. The results of consultations with the United States and Australia, the proposal was rejected.

While Chinese diplomats insist on his colleagues in the U.S. that East Timor had "no strategic significance" to Beijing, in February 2008, the U.S. Embassy in Dili would report to Washington, that the Deputy Prime Minister, Jose Luis Guterres, has requested consideration of U.S. Ambassador , Hans Klemm, about the approach of the Chinese military companies which offer free radar to monitor shipping in the Strait of Wetar.

Initially, the offer is considered attractive, to overcome the problem of fish theft (illegal fishing) in the waters of East Timor. However, Guterres suspect there is a catch of the free offers that. "One of them, the radar was manned by Chinese technicians," said Guterres told the U.S. embassy. He admitted juag worry, the radar will be used for any other purpose: intelligence.

Allegedly, the equipment can actually be used to expand the perimeter of the Chinese intelligence radar far corners of Southeast Asia. Moreover, Wetar waters in the Strait that separates the waters northeast of Timor Leste from Wetar Island, Indonesia. Wetar Island reportedly used as a transit location of U.S. Navy ships including nuclear submarines as they travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

An Australian defense intelligence source said that, Australia also suspect the Chinese proposals is one part of the expanding activities of Chinese intelligence base in Asia and beyond.

U.S. diplomats in Dili reported that President Jose Ramos-Horta, Guterres and Minister for Defence, Julio Pinto, had "repeatedly and explicitly" asserted that the joint defense and security of East Timor's limited democratic partners: Australia, Portugal, the United States, and Japan.

Meanwhile, China's defense assistance is limited to construction projects, training assistance, and help 40-year-old patrol boat from Shanghai.

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