Justin Bieber Bombarded With Eggs in Sidney

The success of Justin Bieber's concert in Indonesia was not continued as well as a Canadian teen star is continuing his tour to Australia. By the time he was busy acting on stage in front of thousands Beliebers the hysterical, the singer was just bombarded with eggs Baby!

The incident occurred when Justin perform at Acer Arena, Sydney, on Friday (29 / 4) last week. Six eggs suddenly drifted onto the stage from the audience.

From a video circulating on YouTube, two eggs fell less than one meter from the position of Justin. Then followed four eggs are broken in front of him, and hit the front of the stage..

But with the professionalism Justin, he did not immediately stop the action. A few moments later, he then withdrew to the back of the stage and officers then cleared the dirt eggs before continuing the show Justin the next.

Of course this incident immediately sparked the fury of the Beliebers on social networking sites. One of them wrote "Dear person who threw eggs at @justinbieber in Sydney, you now have over #9millionbeliebers after you, be afraid! We go harder than hard!"

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