Mega Projects In Water Building Concept

1.Underwater City


The 'Underwater City' in Bulgaria is the same revolutionary city that the water level is 'built in the middle of the lake, not on an island, but actually under'. In fact, the city is not completely under water, large dams (1377 diameter and 65 feet in height) around the city, there can be accessed via water transport


Floating Aerohotel by Alexander Asadov is remarkable architectural designs that would be something nice in look to the future of floating structures. Displaying 200 meters width of the body in different center blocks, like a bicycle wheel with the supporting hand, will attach Aerohotel cafes, restaurants and winter gardens, beside the main hotel.
Asadov Alexander was a Russian architect famous for his deconstructive designs that structured monolithic counter prosperity of the nation.


This is where Vincent Callebaut's Lilypad enter into the picture. Proposed as a "Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees", a futuristic residential house ecotectural to around 50,000 inhabitants. Amazing backwards to find a place for himself in the year 2100 when half the coastline in the world have disappeared due to increasing sea surface. With stealth Mercedes branding on windows, walls biotic and roof, the roof is covered with grasslands absorb solar energy and the bottom of the submerged serve as a natural seabed to plankton and marine plants, ambition Ecopolis some pretty kickass features a bio-tech functions that will help society floating defend themselves and survive in an increasingly challenging environment future of the earth.


Waterpod houseboat is an island triple-dome that will meet all its energy needs from natural sources. Done with recycled wood, metal, plastic, cloth and other materials, Waterpod will support alternative energy and agriculture irrigation vertical by pure water from the Hudson River.

5.Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

Dubai, the idea of building a luxury hotel 66 feet underwater would sound absurd. But in addition to the Burj al-arab, rotating skyscraper, manufactured islands and indoor ski slopes of desert commerce capital, the Hydropolis will fit straight in. With the cost of UK £ 300 million, the price of the room to reach USD $ 5,500 for per night

6.AZ Island

AZ Island is a concept of an artificial island capable of movement at sea. AZ Island is the brainchild of Jean-Philippe Zoppini, in cooperation with the firm Alstom Marine to realize his dreams. Floating man-made wonders in a very large proportion. If conceived, it will measure 400m x 300m; quite able to house 10,000 passengers permukaannya.Saat simultaneously on this, the project is being studied for financial and technical capabilities. As anticipated € 2 billion project is proving to be a hard proposition, and have difficulty heavy construction

7.Mermaid-Inspired Aquatic Building

European companies, JDS Architects' Mermaid building with a fine and very silly idea. Wording of the Mermaid show building at extremes every biome on Earth - from tropical islands to the glacial environment. The building boasts a green terrace, a Dolphinarium, hotels and vacation properties. Is this just a glorified cruise ship? Or a new model for personal development that is really responsive to the aquatic environment?

8.Floating City for Shanghai World Expo

A team of Dutch designers recently revealed plans to build a city that floats on the Shanghai Huangpu River. If built, the city will debut at the World Expo Shanghai 2010. Floating city will have many green elements - it will use river water for cooling and this city will utilize energy development terbarukan.Model exhibited at the Shanghai Sculpture Space, has five balls honeycomb-like, a big one surrounded by four smaller ones, to function as a 3D cinema, pubs, shopping malls and theaters.

9.Eco-Island City

Wolf Hibertz want to use the ocean as the future site of the house. Visionary designers have found ways to use sunlight to turn minerals in seawater into limestone. limestone will be used to build a floating island home. Autopia Ampere will begin as a series of wire-mesh armatures anchored on the sea mountain. Once there, they will be directly connected to low voltage current supplied by solar panels.

10.Jelly-fish 45 Habitat

Cheap! Designed by Giancarlo Zema, the "Jelly-fish 45 Habitat" comprises five separate levels connected by spiral staircase flashy. The floor is divided into regions called zones-cheesy including study, night, day, guest and places to see. In fact, if you buy a houseboat, you can follow nomenclature, whichever you prefer. 3m viewpoint extends below the surface and looks like a jellyfish is fantastic. Chair-at-sea colossal-standing 10m high and 15m wide.


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