Britney Spears Hit Paparazzi Use Microphone

It seems quite common that a celebrity anger caused by the paparazzi who want to get their news and photos. This time, Britney Spears hit up the paparazzi with a microphone and threw him against the wall!

But still, the emotions that Britney 'explode' only exists in the 'teaser' for the video clip new song, I Want to Go. The singer is 'active' back into the world of music has just launched a short clip as a 'leak' complete video clip to be released on Wednesday (22 / 6) soon.

In this clip, former young singer is twirling the microphone by the cord over his head, before being slapped into a paparazzi who immediately slammed against the wall. Britney himself is seen standing on the roof of a taxi, wearing a pretty open while singing.

Interestingly, a while ago, Britney was criticized for being 'too fat' while conducting the tour. However, in this video clip, Britney wearing a miniskirt, orange bra, and white leather jacket who blatantly showing off belly mean is.



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