Republicans Reveal 'Abortion Plan "Obama's Mother

Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-KS) stated that prospective mothers of low-income African-American community, such as the mother of President Barack Obama and Clarence Thomas, will be allowed to abort their children, if only the government had agreed to pay for it. Speech has been greeted with a variety of calls by his colleagues in the House of Representatives. Tiahrt said:

"If you think about it in human terms, there will be financial incentives that happens, be paid by the (money) dollars in tax revenue, it will encourage ... single parents, who live below the poverty level, to have the opportunity to request abortions .

Our president was brought up in similar circumstances. If the financial incentives available, whether there is a possibility that his mother had taken advantage of it? Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court, if such conditions occur, whether it is possible we will reject the idea that magnitude?

Leaving aside the questionable Tiahrt decision because it only mentions the African-American as a candidate for abortion: Tiahrt also issued a misleading statement to make the claim that "70% of Americans oppose using public funds for abortion." In fact, current law allows Americans to pay for abortions through their health insurance, and a recent poll shows that 71% of the country supports maintaining the status quo by allowing the public plan to cover reproductive services.

However, many Republicans are pushing the poison pill amendment that would ban all plans offered in the national health insurance in exchange for providing coverage for abortion services.

Tiahrt video recording of the statement have been mounted in the Republican party's official website. Video posted there did not include the entire statement Tiahrt while in the congressional session despite the video mamakai title: "Tiahrt Opposition to Taxpayer Funded Abortions are." But the video includes 9:25 of where Tiahrt claimed that Obama's mother probably will abort him if it is in a situation like that.

Last week Democrats in the Congress session in both the House and Senate want an abortion be included as income in the health of the public and private insurance. This leads to more abortions, a law maker of the Republic warned.

Taxpayers' money will be used to finance the option of abortion in the state-run health care.

But members of Congress from Republicans, in sharp contrast with one of the requirements in the health reform on abortion. They encourage the granting prohibition to use taxpayers' money to pay for such procedures.

On Tuesday, pro-life congressmen said the plan of approach to abortion is basically the same as the Act of Free Choice, which will melecuti states to restrict abortion rights.

"Although President Obama said to the Pope last week that he wants to reduce abortion, the truth is bad is what's called health reform, if passed and if left unchanged, would result in millions of children die and mothers who were injured," said Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.).

Abortion has become a problem in legistalif to guarantee access to health insurance for all Americans. The debate will not only affect public health insurance. The debate does not only affect the health plans that want to be Democrats, but also private companies, who will receive tens of billions of dollars of federal subsidies to cover health costs for people with low and medium income.

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