Honda Create Robotic Joints To 'Replace' Legs of Man

Often feel sore and tired easily when traveling far to walk?

Calm down, now for those who have weak muscles in the feet and did not want to use a wheelchair, will soon enjoy a new device created by Honda.

As a Japanese multinational companies, many think that the only car manufacturer Honda. Apparently it does not apply to them. Honda has always focused on creating human mobility aids more widely. 

The Bodyweight Support Assist is a tool to help reduce the load on leg muscles and joints.This product has a spring seat or squat down with a small frame and shoes at the ends, and its shape is like a robot leg. The power to help foot the user is redirected to the center of gravity. Then the tool will produce a balance that allows the user to stand in various positions in all activities.

This tool was first introduced through the YouTube site in November 2008. After the test trial was held on the device, Honda decided to do it more seriously.

They demonstrated the tool at the National Design Triennial exhibition "Design Why Now?" at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, New York. The event was held in May 2011.

Now only waiting for the seriousness of the Honda to begin marketing it so that people who need these tools can be helpful. So reported News.com.


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