Swiss Challenge Spain at Final

Switzerland to make sure ticket to the final UEFA European Under-21 and challenged the Spanish who first escaped. In the semifinal against the Czech Republic, the Swiss won through goals mere puppet that is created during the extra time on Wednesday (22 / 6).

Throughout the normal time, both teams are equally playing a goalless draw that makes the game must continue to the last 2x15 minutes of extra time. Whereas in normal time, either Switzerland or Rep. Czech equally displaying attacking game.

Only three minutes of the game progresses, the first direct opportunity created through the foot flagship Swiss player, Xherdan Shaqiri. But unfortunately, the shot club FC Basel player is still thin side of the goal Rep. Czech.

While the golden opportunity for Rep. Present new Czech midway through the second. Free-standing in front of the goal mouth Switzerland, Lukas Vacha kick fired hard luck still can be stopped well by goalkeeper Switzerland, Yann Sommer.

After normal time ended goalless draw, the Swiss immediately took the offensive initiative during extra time. The results are striking when the game entered the minute-114. Acceleration striker Admir Mehmedi forwarded a shot from outside the penalty box thatripped the nets Rep. Czech.

Goals are welcomed throughout the squad and make the players Switzerland Czech pressed for time to equalize the score disisa six minutes of the game. Czech goal also failed to obtain a counterweight and make Switzerland qualified for the top party to challenge the Spanish.


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