3 Habits of Men Who Withheld of Women

Many things are hidden men in women, one of which is their habit. Although not a bad thing, they chose not to tell these three habits in you. Consider the three habits of men who are hidden from the woman, as quoted by the Times of India.

1. Men often do masturbate

Sex does not seem to be separated from men. Although not every day, but most of the time he spent thinking about or even doing it. According to one study, thinking about sex or masturbation is a natural way for men to feel the comfort and serenity.

No need to shock, but this is usually done by men while getting out of bed or while watching television. Maybe this is a little absurd for a woman, but this is a natural routine male. They usually hide it in shame.

2. Men find out about you through google or facebook

Almost all men find out about yourself through social sites. It is an instinct of man to always control the situation. Therefore, they want to know what you like and not for when you meet, they know what to do. But they're not going to let you know for fear of women consider it strange.

3. Men also experienced a 'bad hair day'

Just as women who have 'bad hair day', men also had a day when their bodies are not the best view. There was one day, he feels that whatever they wear does not look good. Not infrequently they complain of stomach that is big or unruly hair. But said shortcomings to you, absolutely not an option for them.

Source : wlp

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