Blair : Do not underestimate Gaddafi!

WASHINGTON- Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that Moammar Gaddafi is very capable of maintaining power. Blair also denied the title that the Libyan leader "like hallucinating."
"Definitely not," Blair said in the program State of the Union which CNN aired. "Whatever people say about hallucinating and so forth, he (Gaddafi) still able to maintain his grip over there for 40 years.
Western attacks supported by the Arab League, starting on March 19, according to a UN mandate that claims aimed at protecting civilians after Gaddafi defend his country from the insurgency.
"This can not end the process of change in Libya, in one way or the other," said Blair. "Whether done in a long or short, that's what will happen. The status quo is not an option," he added.
Blair added, "I think there might be voices around (Gaddafi) who said that the only way out of this is to get the change approved."
Blair became envoy of the Middle East Quartet which was founded in 2002 to be mediating in the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. The Quartet comprises the United States, Russia, UN and EU.
Blair added that the ongoing unrest in the Middle East more difficult to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel, for example, has a stable and predictable with Hosni Mubarak who has now stepped down. "Now, they (Israel) deal with unpredictable situations," said Blair.
Last February, Prime Minister David Cameron criticized Blair forged relationships with Gaddafi.
Blair to restore relations with Gaddafi at a meeting in Tripoli in 2004 called "deal in the desert". It made a number of British companies began doing business in Libya, and followed later with the release of Lockerbie bomber in 2009.
Mr Cameron said the initial agreement with Gaddafi Blair justified.
But, he said that there must be clear limits to the British agreement with Tripoli.
"As for Tony Blair made clear that it is true encouraged and welcomed Libya's surrender of weapons of mass destruction," said Cameron.
"That relationship must have a clear limitation. It should be no limit when this relationship started," added the prime minister.
Since leaving office, Blair utilize its relationship with Gaddafi family. Blair even once called "a personal friend of the family" by one of Gaddafi's son.
Blair, who is now adviser to an investment bank, visited Libya and met Colonel Gaddafi to do business in recent years. Blair has repeatedly denied any direct financial relationship with the Gaddafi regime.
Cameron said the Gaddafi regime violence perpetrated against opposition protesters "really unacceptable."
However, Cameron also rejected the proposal of French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the European Union economic sanctions against Libya.

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