Doohan: The victory Drivers Only 10 Years

Mick Doohan Valentino Rossi is considered that the drivers who qualified. But once Doohan said that the better period of a rider just a decade. Rossi also have to accept it.

This season runs less smoothly for Rossi. Seven-time champion has not won 500cc/MotoGP class results from the two races early. The Italian rider is in fifth place standings with 20 points from two races.

According to former racer Mick Doohan, Rossi had entered the twilight period of his career. "He is an incredible racer and there is no other way to say it. But I think the situation this season would be tough for him, although he is not a beginner in this competition," said Doohan, as quoted by Reuters.

"I think in any sport, you only have a decade to be able to look up at peak performance. While Rossi has entered the season of the 12th and things were not going to be easy, especially after he won a series of success," said the man who five time world champion in the 500cc class.

"I'm not saying that his career was over. But I think he's like already in the bottom of the valley," Doohan completed.

Problems in the shoulder makes Rossi's performance in this season a little disturbed. Yet in the last race in MotoGP Spain, VR46 can finish top five, although had fallen in mid-race.

Source : Dtk

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