Gaddafi: NATO Wants Killing Me

NATO air strikes targeting the central seat of power Moammar Gaddafi on Monday morning, destroying a library with multilevel and severe damage to the office and reception room which is usually used to entertain officials who come to visit, in what an official press release from the Qaddafi government says is an effort to end life Libya's leader.

The presence of Gaddafi at the time of the attack on the Bab al-Azizya grounds that it was not widely known. A security official at the scene said four people were injured lightly.

A press official, who asked not to be named, said 45 people were injured, including 15 people seriously injured, and some still missing after the attack. There has been no independent verification of the number of victims.

CBS News correspondent David Martin reported that the attack was part of a pre-planned attack against command and control facilities, and is highly unlikely that NATO would know in advance the location of Gaddafi.

Authorities say between two and four large missiles or bombs exploded in the compound on Monday morning. The building, described as a location where Gaddafi held a meeting, severely damaged the roof of one of the hole structure

At the beginning of a campaign of air attacks against Gaddafi, a cruise missile struck an administration building in Bab al-Azizya months ago, pulling down half the three-story building. The complex is also targeted in a U.S. bombing in April 1986, after Washington requested Libya responsible for the blast in a Berlin discotheque that killed two American soldiers.

A storey building by a guard who served as the library and said Gaddafi's office turned into a pile of twisted metal and broken concrete in the attack on Monday. Dozens of supporters climbed on the ruins of Qaddafi, Libya's green flag and song to support their leader.

A second building, where Qaddafi received the visiting officials, were severely damaged. The main door is open, broken glass scattered on the ground and scattered picture frames.

The attack comes a day after troops Gaddafi releasing a barrage of gunfire and rockets in Misrata on weekends, and fresh demand for NATO's more aggressive actions by some U.S. politicians.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said at the weekend: "My recommendation to NATO and the administration is to strike directly at the center, go to Tripoli, began a bombing in a circle in Gaddafi, they are complex, their military headquarters in Tripoli."

Due to increasing violence in Misrata, which doctors have so far killed 32 and wounded dozens in two days, CBS News correspondent Allen Pizzey reports that the ship that brought the civilians away from the besieged city has become a very important life-saving .

Food and medicine have become scarce in the city, and the only way for most people to help themselves is to go.

The rebels said they were pro-government forces expelled the last of the central third largest city of Libya. But the fighting spirit in Misrata Gaddafi forces still remain strong.

Battle for Misrata, which has claimed hundreds of lives in the past two months, has become the focal point of armed rebellion against Gaddafi since fighting elsewhere stalemate.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leaders use the appearance on the CNN program "State of the Union" yesterday (24/04) to call for the murder of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi and a big increase in air attacks to achieve the real purpose of the war, an obedient puppet regime.

Republican Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, who visited Benghazi last Friday to meet with members of the Transitional National Assembly, calling for U.S. recognition would immediately rebel bodies so that money and weapons can be delivered. McCain said the former minister Gaddafi, a figure associated with the CIA is known to be on board, "representing the legitimate aspirations of the people of Libya."

In addition to demanding effort meninggkatkan training and arming anti-Gaddafi troops to fight their brothers, McCain insisted that U.S. air power such as AC-130 jet fighters and Apache is used with the "way heavier".

In response to Graham's call for assassination, McCain expressed general agreement with Libya's leader to target, but said U.S. strategy should be based on "winning the battle on the ground" not on "opportunity to kill it out with air strikes lucky.

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