How Long Sex Should Lasts ?

Some say, that great men are not achieving ejaculation can last for hours, so they can satisfy their partner. In fact, according to research, the myth is not true. That the time taken was not until many hours, but only a few minutes.
The survey was conducted in the United States and Canada against a set of psychologists, physicians, social workers, marriage therapists, and nurses. They were asked to respond to some questions about the timeframe required to achieve sexual satisfaction they desire.
Results of research conducted at Penn State Erie, Pennsylvania was concluded that sex fun that made the night just a myth. The results show that the desired amount of time from penetration until ejaculation is just for 7-13 minutes. If it lasts more than that, between 10-30 minutes, then the relationship is too long.
"So far, the stereotypes or myths about sexuality shape the perception of many people. Many people who think that a big penis, erection is very hard, and all night copulate sexual moment will promise a very fun," reported the researchers.
Eric Corty, head of research said, looking forward to or want sex to last more than 30 minutes will only make you disappointed. "This is a situation that will result in dissatisfaction. With this survey, we hope that the fantasy that will change, and encourage the women and men to know the data is realistic about the intimate relationship that can be enjoyed and accepted, thus ultimately preventing sexual disappointments and sexual dysfunction, "said Corty.
This research note about the amount of time required to obtain an enjoyable and satisfying sex. In addition, this research also helps people to overcome sexual problems that have occurred. "If a patient is worried about how long intercourse should last, these data can help the patient understand that what he was worried about not exclusively associated with physical problems. That, perhaps he needs counseling only, no need to rely on drugs," said Corty .

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