Increased sharply, Halal Food Will Defeat the Dow Jones Index

KUALA LUMPUR - The index of the world's first halal food, Investment Market to be socially acceptable (socially Acceptable Market Investments - SAMI) for Halal Food, is expected to grow even faster than the Dow Jones Islamic Index (Dow Jones Islamic Index - DJII) in the case size, labeling and additional products.
The index was led by the Thomson Reuters Global, chairman of OIC countries and Islamic Finance, Rushdi Siddiqui in cooperation with Ideal Ratings. Powered by Thomson Reuters and seconded by the World Halal Forum (WHF).
Halal Food Index SAMI and his sister index, the Index Participation Halal SAMI, launched during the WHF yesterday. Rushdi also has led the DJII in 1999.
"Looking at how the Dow Jones Islamic Index has grown, I predicted the SAMI index into a globally-recognized indexes even faster than the DJII. Here, it is easier to connect with investors.
"Halal is not just about certification. Halal also involves the entire production chain from farm to branching. Even with a sale on the market, investors still have to be consumed. Indices SAMI is a non-consumer sector rotation," said Rushdi.
Containing more than 200 shares of six parts with a market capitalization of U.S. $ 114 billion, 95 percent of these shares are from Malaysia.
Malaysia's largest stock on the index are Sime Darby Bhd SAMI, Nestle Bhd, Genting Bhd Plantation.
To date, the index has outperformed SAMI some well-known global food index from March 2010 until March 2011 by 20%, according to IdealRatings.
SAMI index initially have limited the criteria for companies from Muslim countries and it would consider including firms from OECD countries including the UK, U.S., Canada, Brazil, France, Holland and others, "said chief executive IdealRatings, Mohamed Donia.
Rushdi expect more growth for the index SAMI including getting more and more companies as a member of many institutions that issued the product as an additional index.
He said the fact that so many stocks in the index are selected from Malaysian SAMI placing special achievement in the country.
"It would be nice if Malaysia Inc. will place a funding outside of the index," Rushdi said.
Global halal food industry is estimated at U.S. $ 661 billion and growing rapidly by 20% annually, driven by a growing population and an underserved market.

Speaking at a luncheon at the World Halal Forum (World Halal Forum - WHF), former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he was optimistic about the economic outlook for permissible and the forum will increase the labels from M
"We have a great center for halal industry in Malaysia. The center is getting bigger and bigger. Far more people showed interest in the service and our products," he said

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