New circuit, MotoGP Arrives in Texas

A recent series of MotoGP will be held later in 2013. Circuits of the Americas are located in Austin, Texas, will host MotoGP in 2013 with a contract for 10 years.

Currently, the circuit is still in development. The plan of this circuit will be hosting tumah Formula One season with a contract with the same period, 10 years old.

Dorna is beperan as organizers say the agreement between MotoGP and Tavo Hellmund's Full Throttle Productions, constructors circuit, including third-class on the grand prix.

"It is an honor to extend this championship to Texas, which produces many great racers," said chief execituve Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta.

"We have a special relationship with Kevin (Schwantz) for 20 years and often talked about the dream to improve the popularity of MotoGP in America. This effort is also to develop the success that we have to now," he continued.

Kevin Schwantz was a MotoGP rider from Houston, Texas, and one of the leaders who want to organize a bike race in his hometown. And this agreement is like a dream for him.

"I really love sports and know how popular motor race in Texas. I'm sure this will be a long and successful partnership," said the 1993 500cc world champion.

Constructor circuit also said the construction went well and the circuit will be completed by mid 2012.

Currently the U.S. Grand Prix circuit will still be held at Laguna Seca, California, on 24 July

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