MV Agusta Pull F4 Model Soon

Trends recall not only hit the car, but also motorcycles. This occurred in the Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta is immediately pulled from circulation more than 200 units of F4, due to problems with the rear subframe.

Quoted Auto Evolution, news of the withdrawal is reported Road Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) and the local manufacturer of MV Agusta that it will recall about 211 units of motorcycles assembled F4 year 2010 in the United States.

Reports written directly on the official site safety agency also states, there are several points on the subframe which is likely not strong enough, so part of it can be cracked during the bike steered. If frames were cracked, the stability of the rider and passenger can be disturbed, and it can cause accidents.

MV Agusta notify Party, the recall is expected to be operational this month (April), it will check and give the amplifier to be mounted on the problem, free of charge.

The news of this withdrawal is the second recall process. Previously, the manufacturer of this motor could attract F4s in June 2010, due to problems of air filter frame. So far, MV Agusta has mensosialisakan consumers to be able to recall F4 of information on the official website. If consumers feel an objection, it also provides feedback via a telephone line

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