Honda Release Motorsport With Dual Clutch First in the World

Honda make a new breakthrough to satisfy the day touring enthusiast. Motor sport the latest touring show, Honda released the Honda with VFR1200F.

Even call it cool, The Interceptor, the successor to the previous Honda touring motorcycle variants that have been ngider VFR800 on the streets since 2002.

The theme was cool, the touring bike for the bikers up to light heavyweight ("Experienced hands WHO ride hard, ride long, ride far and ride Often").

Honda claims the VFR1200F double clutch technology is the first in the world is applied in a motorcycle. With this technology allows the use of the clutch and shift automatically.

In addition, Honda warrant the use of technology as much fun with dual clutch automatic transmission. Even so, the technology is more produce because bikers can set up some sport or comfort driving model that fully controlled electronically.

Honda's dual clutch technology believes the future is a breakthrough that came in today. The reason, VFR1200F allow free biker riding experience a new style motor.

Dual clutch transmission developed by Honda is made with solid construction and lightweight. This makes Honda's no need to make modifications to the motorcycle unit that will implement this feature.

Dual clutch transmission that appears in the model VFR1200F said almost the same as those developed for cars.

Nevertheless, because of its dimensions which is longer than a conventional transmission, the application of double clutch on a motorcycle requires laying a rather complicated technique.

Honda to explain the complexity of dual transmission teringgi application on motorcycles are on consideration of ground clearance, center of gravity and balance factor when cornering motorcycles.

After all this, Honda is able to eliminate the problem at VFR1200F. This happened after the Honda managed to do development on the design of the main shaft using two rods and hydraulic Kolping direction.

In addition, Honda has made 100 patents on this technology can also create a menu that allows selection for the biker. For D-Mode users can feel releksasi and fuel efficient.

While the S-Mode promising sporting driving. The 6-speed-mode allows pengendalikan fully electronic through the shift-control with a taste like a manual transmission.

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