Royal Wedding Princess Beatrice's hat Sold $ 130,000

Hats worn by Princess Beatrice, while attending the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton ago, has sold through auction site eBay. The price is staggering, far exceeding even the thin dress Buzzworthy worth 23.000 USD . Hat designer Philip Treacy was successfully purchased for 81,100 pounds, or approximately 130.000 USD.

Since The Royal Wedding took place, Beatrice hat is featured as the subject interesting. Daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke Of York This is the one that included best-dressed in a row since his hat blends with the dress, shoes and matching clutch in a nice nude color. However, the draft amongst others Philip Treacy, this hat is one of the most weirdest. The shape is often called, is similar to a toilet seat, pretzel bread, cakes turkey twizzler, and even considered similar to a woman's uterus.

This uniqueness is clearly a separate hubbub among goes wild beauty of the dress Kate Middleton. Once the amount of public attention towards this cap eventually led to creative ideas about an auction that proceeds from the sale will be donated to UNICEF and Children in Crisis. So far, the identity of the winner did not come to the surface, but certainly he is a true philanthropist willing to buy a hat for charity minimal aesthetic with others.

"I am impressed with so many people's attention towards this cap. This is an opportunity to be able to bring as much money as possible for two fantastic charities." said Beatrice responded about historic hat auction process. 22-year girl also hoping that the winning bidder will feel proud to get his hat was. "I want whoever wins this auction was pleased with the hat, like when I wear it on special occasions Kate and William.".


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