Tips for Reducing the Risk of Wrinkles Around Eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes is most clearly visible than other areas. To reduce it, was carried out in various ways such as using a cream or facial. Why are wrinkles in the eye area look so striking?
The appearance of wrinkles in eye area triggered a lot of factors. Perhaps because the eye is focused vision listener. However, know the four causes of wrinkles around the eyes following.
1. GeneticSome people are genetically predisposed to have more wrinkles around the eyes. If most of your family members experience it, chances are you also.
2. Facial expressionsFacial expressions actually form a pattern that would eventually become wrinkles around the eyes. Ten or more muscles to contract and spread each time the facial expressions happy, sad, surprised, and so forth. This movement pattern into basic lines and wrinkles. Sleeping habits, such as burying her face into the pillow, or frequent squinting can cause wrinkles.
3. SunSun exposure can also cause wrinkles in two ways. The first is when you squint when you feel blinded by the light. Second, exposure to UV light in a long time, not only damage the body's skin, but also the area around the eye.
4. WoundInjuries can improve wrinkles around the eyes. Sensitive skin around the eyes are easily damaged due to allergy or chemicals such as from cigarette smoke. To reduce the risk of irritation and sores around the eyes use goggles, when performing risky activities.
Wrinkles around the eye actually can not be prevented but can be reduced. You do this by using a protective cream eye skin, use sun glasses and as much as possible to avoid sunburn.
Usually, every woman will feel more confident after using the make-up while undergoing activities. However, the use of make-up is also not going to survive for 24 hours, especially when you are tired and sweating, then your original face will be seen as the make-up is used will be lost erased.
Highlighting the natural beauty can make you save money and save the use of beauty products. How to stay beautiful without make-up? Consider the following tips as quoted from ourvanity!:
Enough SleepThe researchers explained, the effects of sleep deprivation can be seen clearly on the face. Therefore, sleep 8 hours is very important for your health and beauty skin. Adequate sleep may prevent the emergence of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, and slow down wrinkles.
Use Face CareBasic rules of healthy skin is to diligently remove dead skin cells in the body. The trick is to do the scrub. After the body scrub, do not forget to use moisturizer or moisturizer. The two products are very effective treatments to soften the skin.
Clean FaceIf you wear make-up, do not forget to clean it up before bed. Make-up and dirt can settle in the pores and can be accumulated into toxins that trigger acne and dull skin. for that, wash face twice a day and choose a mild cleanser with a formula.
Using SunscreenLook for sunscreens that can provide adequate protection for hot weather and cold weather. When used in hot weather, sunscreen can melindungin skin not exposed to direct sun's free radicals, which can affect the skin look old and dull. As for use during cold weather, your skin will be spared from wrinkles around the eyes.
Avoid DehydrationDrinking enough water can make the skin smooth. Therefore, drink 8 glasses of water each day to remove toxins in the body. A healthy diet can also provide a direct impact on skin health.
Local Notice Other FaceFor still look beautiful without makeup, you should consider other facial areas to improve appearance. Such as eyebrow shape, which can improve the shape of the face, even without makeup. Do not forget to melentikan eyelashes with eye curler and mascara. A healthy and well groomed hair is also important to note. Avoid chapped lips, apply a moisturizer for the lips always look healthy and supple.

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