Amazing..Grandma Muscular at Age 74 Year

He was already dusk, 74 years old. But do not ever say, he is old, let alone old. Agency Ernestine Shepherd is even more fit and healthier than other women decades younger.

Baltimore healthy grandmother origin is even crowned as the oldest female bodybuilder version of the Guinness Book of World Records. To the Washington Post, Shepherd with confidence say, "age is just a number."

And, his body is taut, belly 'six-pack' is a valid proof, his words are not nonsense. Above accomplishments, the Shepherd to 'flower' fitness center in Baltimore. Her husband who she married for 54 years, Collin Shepherd even vent, it is difficult to prevent the men approached the wife of this amazing.

In addition to being a fitness instructor, Shepherd also sometimes was asked to be a model. To maintain the physical, fit grandmother continues to train hard under the guidance of Yohnnie Shambourger (57), a former winner of Mr Universe title. "Six pack stomach is identity," Shambourger comments about Shepherd.

Then, what is the secret Shephere have amazing physical in old age? Clearly this is not instantaneous, a process that demands discipline and willpower.

Ernestine Shepherd wake up every morning at 03.00, after the morning meditation he ran 10 miles and weight training. Food was heavily guarded, not haphazardly. He ate only brown rice, boiled chicken breast without skin and fat. He also drank raw egg whites, three times a day. It never interested in eating sweet foods.

In the last 18 years, Shepherd participated in the marathon race nine, and two bodybuilding contests.

Interestingly, even in his old Shepherd found the determination to live healthier. In the past, he said, his body shape similar to 'potato'. At age 56, she and her sister, Mildred, who began to realize their bodies soft.

Then, they both started training at a local fitness center. The result, seen it slowly. Satisfied, the two brothers gave each other encouragement, even participated in bodybuilding events. After Mildred's death, Ernestine was discouraged, until he remembered 'pinkie promise' that he has made with her sister: to continue to compete coached sports.

Although many are amazed, Shepherd admitted there also criticized the way his life. They say that weight training will make it die quickly.

So what he answers? "Everyone is going to die anyway, but I live a quality life," said the grandmother who idolized Sylvester Stallone's.

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