The Death of controversy Osamah Bin Laden!

Osama discharged to the sea? Epic world is indeed quite interesting if approached with conspiracy theories. There are many events that demonstrate the validity of this approach. For example the history of Neil Armstrong as the first man who landed on the moon, was evidently only a result of American propaganda against the Soviet Union at that time in the cold war, which succeeded Yuri Gagarin's orbit around the earth.

September 11 till this day still a big question mark.

As reported by the Washington Times, stated: "There is still a technical question marks about the September 11 attacks that still hung in the minds of some people, and it spread to the political sphere."

"How could weighing 200,000 tons of steel scattered and fell in just 11 seconds? Thousands of architects and engineers to question it, they called on Congress to order a new investigation of the events of the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7 (7 World Trade Center)."

"The issue that surrounds the government's official version never expires. According to a number of world renowned thinkers, it is not possible."

"To demolish the building in such a short time, then there must be an artificial boom in the building. And the explosions should point out," said Richard Gage, an architect from San Francisco who is the founder of the nonprofit organization Architecs & Engineers for 9 / 11 Truth.

Gage, who is a member of the American Institute of Architects, was able to persuade more than 1,000 colleagues to sign a new petition and request for an official investigation.

"Report of the Federal Emergency Management and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) regarding the destruction of these buildings proved inadequate, contain contradictions, and falsehood. Therefore, we call for the investigation to NIST officials," added Gage.

Gage added that the technical issues surrounding the collapse of the twin towers sparked the birth of the debate, denials and ridicule over the years.

Tim King of Salem News website states: "The U.S. government really want people to believe that the buildings had collapsed due to fire vegetables. However, in history there has never been a fire that could demolish a skyscraper. Licking flames are burning up the framework of the building, but fire could not demolish the building. "

"Let's just say it might happen, then the twin towers became the most unlikely building to collapse. Framework steel twin towers are not going to collapse, even if the building itself collapses."

"When we started writing about this. Matt Lintz, our web designers, aware of the efforts of the U.S. Air Force to pave the Salem News website."

Salem News says that perhaps half the U.S. population still do not realize that there is a third building which also collapsed on September 11, 2001. And the building was not hit by a plane. However, in the building there are many valuable records for the financial industry.

"Gage's words echoed throughout the country, all over the university and construction companies. Construction of the tower building is specially designed to withstand impacts peswat jet collision. For information, jet fuel similar to diesel fuel and do not have the effect of a very high . In a radio channel, the local fire department to discuss how easy it is to extinguish embers plane crash, even just need a few people fighting it. "

Jeff Gates, a writer at the Salem News, said that the only country that would benefit from the war (after the celebration of 9 / 11) is Israel.

"For example, a theorist will be able to predict that after events like 9 / 11, the U.S. will deploy its military forces to conduct counter the attack. With a deliberately false intelligence data set to achieve the objectives that have been designed before, it can be seen that the forces was directed to invade Iraq, not to avenge the events of 9 / 11, but to reach the goal the expansion of Israeli territory. "

Strengthen mind, Mike O Cathail from Salem News wrote, "One day after 9 / 11, Benjamin Netanyahu said that the death accidental 3000 American citizens are a very good thing for Israel. Mass murder is very good for the economy sectors Israel is growing. "

Richard Gage in particular felt something strange with Building 7, a 47 floor skyscraper, which was not hit by a plane, "but the building collapsed with a high speed." He also said that there are more than 100 mentions on the first reporting hearing explosions and flashes when the buildings collapsed. "Some stated that there were parts of the building made of steel thrown horizontally as far as 600 feet (182 meters) with a speed of 60 meters per hour and concrete and metal decking weighing 90,000 tons which collapsed instantly."

Salem News adds: "Most experts agree that these buildings could collapse in such a way only if detonated from within. Experts who have worked on such explosions in Las Vegas, at least before the national economic crisis, putting the main explosive in the hall- elevator hall and also at various points stragtegis in the structure of the building. "

"If you watch the slow motion collapse of the WTC towers, it can be seen easily that there is a series of planned explosions."

"There is also evidence sophisticated nano explosive materials in the dust of the World Trade Center," Gage said. He added that the petition filed by the group was submitted to members of Congress.

"But, of course Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York at the time, had to get rid of evidence quickly," added Salem News.

"There is a long list of federal investigators who say they are not allowed to do their jobs or complete an investigation."

The first Bali bomb case also remains enigmatic. How carbide 1 car bomb could cause a hole deep enough and wide. Even the military just try to blow up menyanggahnya by testing the effect of TNT that was far from the impact generated in the first Bali bombing case. Some experts argue that the bomb explosion characteristics similar to Micronuclear bomb that caused shock waves that cause the entire electrical power outage shortly before it exploded.

Obama's assault case that he said led to the death of bin Laden, is still quite a lot of raises a question mark. Osama reportedly lived in a castle-like mansion. In plain view, intelligence is pro-American Pakistanis would be easy to sniff out the presence of Osama.

Is about the possibility of engineering this case? Yes could be.

1. Obama is currently preparing to conduct a political campaign for a second job option. There should be a monumental event that could be recorded as the success of the Obama administration. So that is ultimately her story titled Obama vs. Osama.

2. The war in Iraq, Afghanistan (and Pakistan) is pretty much Uncle Sam to drain pockets of this country, there must be entry points for the Americans to not lose face if you should leave Afghanistan. Engineering Osama's death, could be the reason for American troops that their mission was accomplished. They will go home with orgies. America learned from the Vietnam War who lost the war and go home with face downcast.

3. The latest news said that Osama's corpse thrown into the sea to avoid the cult followers and his followers made the grave concern of Osama as a symbol of terrorism. But this method can also as a way for America to eliminate the traces and evidence of Osama's death. If there is a DNA test Osama, must be very easy for Americans to manipulate the results. Precisely measures body of Osama throw into the sea, will further reinforce this suspicion engineering.

4. Osama himself is still mysterious. The photos are circulating about Osama was just a resemblance only. Meanwhile, Osama photo that looked wounded and bloodied was allegedly the work of Photoshop or GIMP.

Death Breath Osama between Muslims and the U.S. victory

Since the Skyscraper Building, Word Trade Center (WTC) plane struck on September 11, 2001. America firmly and sharply immediately put his finger to his nose Osama. Although no accurate information on whether the perpetrator who led an attack using aircraft was actually led by Osama. But Americans are very confident it will charge, so set that date as a day that became the beginning for the opening of hostilities with Osama. Osama and his followers are the terrorist.

Actually, since the incident was an attack on the WTC, is a heavy blow to Muslims in the world (maybe not all). And that coupled with the actions of Imam Samudera Cs who do the bombing in Kuta, Bali on October 12, 2002. So since then Muslims are always suspect, often associated with terrorism. Even some people no longer put the word terrorist in "People of Islam", but on Islam itself. "Islam is a terrorist", or "Islamic terrorism". And it is a very big slander, which is very threatening and frightening to some Muslims over terrorism action itself.

Therefore, acts of terrorism that occurred during this decade was not only felt keresahannya by the American people, but for Muslims themselves. Because even after all, Osama is not a Muslim icon, he is not also the description and the teachings of Islam. Osama not the rest of Islam as the Prophet Muhammad's life that could be a role model. Similarly, the Bali Bombing case and Imam Samudera Cs, his action is not a form of Islamic teachings. so that, as already alluded to earlier, the action and the Bali Bombing WTC destruction itself is a very uncomfortable chest trap for Muslims. Because every time there is action that "connotes threatening" for social life, again often with no say-always-accused are Muslim.

So, when talking about terrorism, fear, threat, suspicion, and things like that, who is more likely to feel fear. America, or whether the Muslims themselves.

On the one hand-not in all things-Americans accuse Islam is a terrorist. And on the other hand, Muslims themselves feel it charges a very painful and uncomfortable religious life. Even fear and freedom to breath once felt oppressed Muslims such accusation. I am reminded of a sentence (paragraph), which is often spoken. "Defamation is bigger than the murder."

Now Americans rejoice at the death of Osama, even it is perceived as a form of victory. And so the question, did the death of Osama Bin Laden will cool the world of the word "terrorism"?

Another question arises, "The roots of terrorism, could be linked back to Islam?"

Fake recordings ?

Many audio and video containing a statement which claimed to be from Bin Laden, but its authenticity was still constantly questioned. David Ray Griffin, a professor of theology and a former member of the 9 / 11 Truth Movement, questioned the truth of the tapes.

"None of the tapes proved to be authentic," he said. "At least three of them can be ascertained as a false record. And if someone has been pretending to be Bin Laden, then all other video and audio cassettes also lead to the suspicion that it had been falsified."

The first example is a video released by the U.S. Defense Department in December 2001. In it, bin Laden claimed to be the mastermind explosions 9 / 11, but Mr. Griffin indicated that al-Qaeda is actually only rarely recognizes its responsibility for terrorist attacks.

He also argues that the figure of Bin Laden look very different from previous recordings, heavier, with shorter fingers, and Usama even write with the wrong hands.

Most of the statements of Bin Laden is the only audio. Only two of which showed Bin Laden speaks have been issued since 2001. Griffin also argues that a video that was released in October 2004-just days before the presidential election, has no religious rhetoric contained in previous statements. This video, he said, helped secure George W. Bush in the position of president for the second time.

A former CIA agent also mempertanyaan authenticity of the tapes. Robert Baer rejected suggestions conspiracy by Western intelligence but do not think that al-Qaeda may have faked the video. Andy Laws, a former military image analysts, was asked by the BBC to investigate the authenticity of recordings of Osama, and he said that all records had been through the editing process. But he doubted if the U.S. military who had faked the tapes.

Bin Laden has issued some 40 statements since 9 / 11, and that number is very much to a "terrorist" as he was big. Compare with Mesyaal Khaled, the leader of Hamas, which is hard to be seen by the media.

Former CIA agent, Art Keller, said, "I think the conspiracy theory that he (bin Laden) is dead, is extremely comical. In this case, the reality is very difficult and we are conducting operations in areas with the worst in the world and track down someone who very cunning and slippery. "

Osama bin Laden, whereabouts and / or life and death, will be answered by history with all the truth. That time will show who is wrong and evil in fact.

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