Defeated, Porto Stay to the Final

Villarreal failed to reverse the situation in the second semi-final match against FC Porto Europa League. 3-2 win at El Madrigal Stadium, Thursday (5 / 5), apparently not enough to get Villarreal.

Need a great victory for the reverse aggregate 1-5, The Yellow Submarine aggressive since the first minute. Three strikers, Marco Ruben, Nilmar, and Giuseppe Rossi, immediately played together since the early minutes.

Nevertheless, Do Dragoes being down with the power to provide against it. Although in the 17th minute, Villarreal had opened the scoring through the use of bait sontekan Ruben Cani Marco Ruben.

Got the first goal, Villarreal increasingly eager to find further goals. One-two touch game becoming a favorite among players Porto Villarreal to dismantle the defense.

Rather than scoring the second goal, the hosts would have to accept the bitter pill because they conceded in the 40th minute. Hulk kicking distance which was on foot Matteo Musacchio turn directions, thus outwit goalkeeper Diego Lopez.

After a draw in the first half the match, the two re-display the quick game nan alluring. However, unfortunate for Villarreal.

Aggregate score away again three minutes after the interval. Freddy Guarin horizontal cross right foot leads to a free Falcao standing in front of the goal mouth Villarreal. Calmly, the Colombian striker nets thrilling Villarreal.

That is the goal of the 16th Falcao in the Champions League this season as well Europa menasbihkan itself as the leading scorer in the history of competition in the Blue Continent in one season.

Disadvantaged aggregate which is far enough, it did not make the Villarreal player broke. The proof of The Yellow Submarine successfully reverse the score in the game.

In the 75th minute, left back Joan Capdevila evened the score before the match. And, five minutes later, Rossi's successful execution of the penalty that kept nets tore Porto Helton.

Despite the win, Villarreal failed to advanced to the finals since losing 4-7 aggregate. Thus, certain All-Portuguese Final created in the Champions League this season Europa.



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