Easy And Cheap Formulas for Solve Stress

Being a career woman cursory look fun. Have own income, so do not always depend on her husband. But was it always fun?

Nisrina, woman with head in a tall building on Jl Sudirman, Jakarta, admitted to not always feel that pleasure. He would often feel stressed. Living like being chased time. ''Depart early morning, go home tonight,''said the mother of two children who almost always got home at 21.00. ''In fact, in any house, I sometimes still continuing the work of the office,''continued the woman who served the financial manager. Routine and work pressure really Nisrina outer and inner torment. Plus the home affairs and children who 'abandoned' makes it even more dizzy. ''I am tired and stressed. But I am helpless, not knowing what I can do,''he said softly.

Not only Nisrina. This kind of chastisement stress also affecting many other women. If you too are in a condition such as Nisrina, what way will you take to get out of the shackles that? Reza Gunawan holistic healing practitioners provide a number of tricks for you.

According to Reza, there are three causes of stress that is a job (career, finances), family (love, personal relationships, family) and body (health, appearance and beauty). However, if one time you suffered stress because of any one or combination of causes of the above, no need to panic-very panic. Because you are not alone. Many people experienced the same thing.

''So, do not feel 'special' just as if you are having problems. All never really experienced it. What differs is the degree of the problem alone,''said Reza in a forum discussion entitled: Finding Balance in Urban Life.

Furthermore, an alumnus of the University of Indonesia Economic Fakulas divide manusian life in three days: past, present, and future. And generally, said Reza, the stress of too much imagination to think of the future. There are also people who endlessly commemorate the past, so today should be lived even forgotten.

Would you believe, people can suffer because of thinking about the future with his own imagination, for example: what if next month's salary does not rise, or how to obtain additional income when the savings run out, and others. Too think of the future can bring a sense of worry, anxiety, fear, and sometimes not realistic. Reza call such people are infected DSW (Agony Before Time).

Instead, keep remembering the past can also make a 'reel'. Let's say''I do not reject the offer in the new company, I would now already a success.''Or other phrases,''I wonder why the boss got angry and hold. I was so hurt.''Such memories are kept in mind, said Reza cause you to be handcuffed regret, guilt, do not receive even revenge. This phenomenon he called the DTA (Agony No End).

The past and the future, said Reza, is a time that is not real. The period is noticeable is facing today. The period now is to think and live. No more late thinking about the past that is gone and the future is yet to come. ''Let's go back to the real world, that period was undertaken at this time.''

Managing yourself from the inside

What if I already stressed? As a first step, learn to manage themselves from within. Is managed by the health body (body), mind (mind), and soul (mood). Indeed, you need to learn to manage themselves. But trust me, you can do it. Stages-stage''simple, do not need the cost and easy to do every one,''said Reza.

You want to put it into practice? First, try to breathe deeply. This is the gate to return to the real world, decided someone from the past thoughts and fantasies. Second, take a breath with the formula '478 ', which is inhaled breath through your nose as much as four count, hold your breath for seven counts with the condition remain relaxed throughout the body, then exhale through the mouth during the eight count with a whispering sound haaaaa of mouth. Repeat the first to the third movement of approximately five to seven minutes.

This exercise, said Reza, can be done by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. The benefit was not simply prevent stress, but also balance the emotions, relieve anxiety, restlessness, increased creativity, helps the healing process of diseases, and train a sincere communication.

In addition to breathing exercises, stress can also be muted with a touch of exercise. The trick? First, determine the scale of your stress to a particular problem with the range of zero to ten. Second, close your eyes and lightly touch your forehead with a focus on the problem. Feel your heart, keep breathing and wait for the beat evenly. And when your mind starts to drift or fantasizing, then it means you've finished practicing this therapy. Please re-scale measuring stress. Exercise''touch can relieve stress as much as 80 percent. Well, the rest (20 percent) will be disbursed by drinking lots of water, "said Reza.

Achieving relaxed conditions will help offset the negative effects of daily stress. In addition, this technique also can help control stress-related health problems, such as hypertension and insomnia.

In some cases, directed imagination is even used to treat certain health conditions. When in the relaxed condition, the patient will focus related to the image of their condition, then they describe the results of therapy (as desired) in which they live.

How do
If you want to practice the techniques of this imagination, find a quiet area and sit in a comfortable position. Next, close your eyes and breathing deeply. Try describing that you are in an environment that is completely safe.

Regardless of where you might think (either beach, grassland, or a blank back page), try to maximize all of your taste. Make sure you can see, feel, smell, and hear the sounds from the environment you can imagine. The more obvious location you can imagine, according to experts, the greater the recovery effect that you get.

To reinforce this directional imagination experience, try listening for a trial related to the environment you describe (for example, when describing the beach, play it a recording of ocean waves.) In addition, you can also use a recording or writing to guide you through the experience.

Besides relieving stress, here are some other benefits of the imagination this technique:

Pain control
Study in 2005 involving 44 patients with chronic pain found that patients who listened to recordings of a duration of seven-minute guided imagination, at least three times a day for four days, reports that more can tolerate and to control their pain. Exercise by recording the focus on helping patients to relax and change their pain-related picture.

Previous studies, as quoted by the about.com site, also has found that the technique is effective to control the imagination directed tension headaches (headaches due to tension), chronic.

Overcoming the effects of cancer therapy
Studies in 2009 which involved 90 breast cancer patients found that patients may benefit from the technique of directed imagination. Imagination technique has proven to strengthen the immune system of patients who are receiving chemotherapy followed by surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

Stop smoking

After practicing 38 practicing smokers imagination directed 20 minutes a day for two years, researchers found that 26 percent of participants successfully quit smoking. This amount is larger than the group of participants who did not follow training (12 percent)

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