Katy Perry Shown Sexy In Vanity Fair Cover

With the fame acquired three years, Katy Perry easily found in every fashion magazine world. Almost every month he appeared on the cover of famous magazines, and always looks amazing. In May 2011, Vanity Fair's turn is decorated by a pretty face the sensational pop singer. Corset wearing a bodysuit with a heart-shaped line, Katy looks very sexy. He looks amazing even without any accessories, just relying on rosy red lipstick and perfect curves.

In his interview to Vanity Fair, Katy revealed that she grew up in the middle of a family who lauds religious rules to determine many things. But since the first Katy realizes that he has a rebellious nature that he always easy to ignite conflict with their parents. He even told a lot that he seemed to have a childhood, given during childhood he has always lived with his own defense.

"I had no childhood. In those days I was always afraid my opinion is not accepted and destroyed," said Katy. But as time went by, Katy and her parents begin to respect their choice. Indeed, some time ago, her mother never explicitly revealed to the media about the disapproval of the appearance of Katy which was considered too open and expose the body as a commodity, but now they begin to merge together with the opinions expressed there.

The wife of comedian Russell Brand further describes, "We live side by side. I do not try and convince them to change again, and I also do not think that they will continue to try to change me. We agree to disagree."

After all music is about the ears and eyes. So in this case, Katy will continue to prosper as long as he is able to balance the totality of the stage to the fans and gives the best appreciation for their parents


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