King James Risen, Miami Revenge the defeat from Bulls

Miami Heat react immediately after the defeat of the Chicago Bulls in the first game NBA playoff finals West region. LeBron James et al managed to roll the Bulls 85-75 to bring the position back to draw 1-1.

LeBron James became the largest number of miners for the Heat with 29 points, with an additional 24 points from Dwayne Wade on Thursday morning (5/19/2011). Donations points they both total to 53 points, far better than nicks in the first game, 35 points.

Heat should thank the 'King' James because it managed to make nine points in the last four minutes of the game, beginning with three digits that make his team ahead 76-73. He also managed to make 10 rebounds to lead Miami statistical Dalan rebounds, 45-41.

Heat reserve players, Udonis Haslem also gave the maximum contribution with 13 points and five rebounds.

Derrick Rose scored 21 points, but not enough to help the Bulls out of the defeat. In addition to a solid Heat defense in the game, the Bulls offense did not look too good, they will often throw an important opportunity

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