Sleeping Naked Proved to have many benefits

If asked, what is the most comfortable clothing worn for sleeping, on average, your answer must be: negligee or blend tank tops and shorts. The material is thin and minimal relieve chills and makes you free to move.

However, if you need a bit of a challenge, what if you disconnect the only clothes you sleep and sleep naked? In the book The Best Sex of Your Life by Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi, described how sleep naked provide many benefits. The touch of soft bedding material on the skin, or touch your skin and your partner, will encourage increased your sexual life. Check out a variety of other benefits as follows:

1. Removing oxytocin

The hormone oxytocin is released when skin contact with skin. When touching the skin from head to toe all night, you will get a flow of useful hormones. Some of the benefits of oxytocin, among other things, increase the sense of prosperity, lower heart rate, reduces stress hormones, boost the confidence, and of course, sexual urges.

2. Create a "mood" for sex

Many women refuse to have sex because it was baseball mood. The reason could be because of fatigue, fear of waking the child at any time, or whatever bothers you. In fact, refusing to relate only to make women feel lonely and neglected. Therefore, you should change your mood to make love. Way, snuggled under a blanket with a bodysuit that you already have it since birth. Pain rippled the skin will provide sexual stimulation that you need.

3. Visible erotic
Any man could not bear to see his wife at his side curled up naked. It became a kind of invitation for her to have sex.

4. Creating desire
One of the main reasons women do not want to have sex is the imbalance in the relationship with a partner. When you feel separated from your partner, you may also lose the desire for him. Well, sleeping naked can help overcome these obstacles.

5. Cause bond
When skin contact with each other in bed, you can increase the sense of bonding between you and your partner. Remember when first dating or newly married first, wanted always in touch, right? The more you touch, you increasingly feel close to the couple. Increased bond is tantamount to becoming more frequent sex.

6. More healthy
More frequent sex provides many health benefits and marriage were more likely to survive long. You do not need sex every day (unless you both really want it), quite a few times a week. Having spent a half to one hour a day to make love can be a fun sport for you. You'll feel more satisfied with your life, fitter, and healthier!

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