WikiLeaks: Israel Lies Behind the Palestine

A commentary on behind the scenes portrait of Palestinian issues detailed in a series of Israeli newspaper reports about the U.S. non-public documents that started last week.

The cable was released by the founder of the Web site WikiLeaks pembocor Julian Assange in Israeli newspapers last few weeks. The stories that began publication on Wednesday (4 / 5) but was soon sidelined in the news agenda by increasing Israeli violence in Gaza.

Diplomatic reports that include crap-crap into the U.S. from high-ranking Israeli officials, in parliament, military, and the settlement movement.

The cable showed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized President Mahmoud Abbas in November 2009 because of "cranky", stated in a conversation with a group of U.S. legislators that cranky is not a good policy.

The report continued, "The prime minister also accused the Palestinians exploit the stereotype that Netanyahu is a barrier to peace, although he has a lot of moving toward them."

Netanyahu complained that he had supported the two-party solutions, to remove restrictions on movement in the West Bank, and soften the settlement with little response.

"What have they (the Palestinians) do?" complained the prime minister. "Terms of the above requirements."

Just before Netanyahu's office in March 2009, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was giving a different evaluation of the Palestinian leader, also met with members of the U.S. Congress.

Abbas did not like Arafat, the cable was quoted saying, "Arafat is a murderer, but Abbas is a 'nice person'."

Abbas and Israeli prime minister spent much time in "a pleasant conversation," said Olmert.

Abbas majority of voters in 2005 gave him authority, but he did not use it, according to Olmert's opinion.

"However, the board of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is a good manager, not a politician," said Olmert.

Asked what advice will be given Olmert on his successor, saying he did not want to embarrass Netanyahu, noticed that his successor will give his ideas on Abbas but the president may be ignored.

A series of disclosures that are based on 10.000 cables associated with Israel, including documents from the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv and the consulate in Jerusalem, which contains some of the most sensitive military information, according to The Guardian newspaper.

The first wave of leaked documents distributed at the international media in November 2010, after which Netanyahu said that "Israel does not interfere at all with the publication on WikiLeaks."

Assange said on Al Jazeera in December 2010 that he had a 2.500 archives related to the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency


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