Young Couple stoned to Death in India

Indian police arrested eight people for stoning to death a young couple who eloped caught. Eight people are known to be one of the victims family.

Poor couples are named Rajiv Verma and Renu Pal. The relationship of known couples still in their 20s that year, not sanctioned their parents so they decided to elope. Similarly, as reported by AFP on Friday (05/06/2011).

Rajiv and Renu escape from his family on Sunday (fifth) and then and return to their villages in Nagla khuru, the northern region of Uttar Pradesh, India, the day after. On arriving in the village, they were greeted by a mob of angry. Led by the family of the woman, an angry mob stoned the then Rajiv and Renu with stones until they were killed.

Local police had arrested eight people on charges of murder, on Tuesday (3 / 5). Special Director General of Police Brij Lal said this incident as a murder for family honor.

"These are incidents of honor killings," he said.

Lately, India often face similar cases. Often involve young people who get married with different pairs of caste, in which his own family to kill the couple in order to protect the reputation and honor of his family.

"What the community is clearly not an excuse. We ensure that the guilty will not get away with it and I'm sure the law will provide justice for the innocent couple who were victims of this brutal murder," said Lal.

Lal rate, most of Indian society is more fear of embarrassment with the view of many people around him. In fact according to him, social progress, education and economic development in India quite rapidly.

"People are still conservative with conventional things like caste and outmoded social norms, by not allowing two young people to fall in love," he said.

Seeing a murder case like this the more widespread, the Supreme Court of India has ordered local governments to crack down on each individual case. Even local officials do not hesitate to take actions that fail will be processed the law.

The government itself has no definite figures related murder case like this. But the results of an independent study of an NGO said there were about 900 cases each year, most occur in areas Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Last year, Indian Affairs Minister P Chidambaram promised to prepare a bill that provides severe penalties for perpetrators of such killings.


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