3 People Jailed because iPad 2

Various kinds of behavior of people just because of the iPad. Anyone willing to sell kidneys, fights to get an iPad, broken finger and this time there is a prison.

This tragic story happened in China, three people have been jailed for stealing confidential information about proven iPad 2. Conspiracy them for sale back cover images derived from the iPad 2 supplier Foxconn, so the manufacturer can make a protective case for the iPad device 2.

General manager Xiao Chengsong proven MacTop Electronics has paid $ 3,000 to former employees of Foxconn, Huo Pengna, so Xiao can get pictures iPad 2 which is still secret. For the sake of getting a picture 'precious' iPad 2, the Huo has recruited employees of R & D Foxconn namely Lin Kecheng. Lin himself has been getting the picture since September 2010.

With these images, Xiao could start selling iPad second case in December with speakers and camera positions are very accurate even though the tablet itself has not come out officially dated March 2, 2011 last.

IPad 2 due to leakage, then the Foxconn officials were suspicious and asked the police to conduct an investigation, then the case of the iPad revealed to the court.

Xiao was sentenced 18 months jail for his actions, while Lin's 'only' gets 14 months, and Huo went in jail for 12 months. All three are subject to substantial fines due to his actions.

Well, after seeing this case. There are about baseball, yes, who leaked the information about the iPad 3 and 5 the next iPhone?


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