Nissan NMC, 'Reincarnation' Beauty Of Twizy The 'Car Pupa'

Nissan has issued a two-passenger electric car with the theme of city car that is named with the New Mobility Concept shortened by NMC.

If the model is to remind you of a certain concept, calm just means you have a good memory.

Since NMC is more of a version of Twizy Renault rebagded which launched its debut last month at the Paris Motor Show.

Japanese car manufacturer does not provide much detail information about the NMC.

But the concept of two-seater has a feature that at least equal to 20 hp (15 kW) electric motor and lithium-ion batteries like those found on Twizy. Which can reach a maximum speed of 47 mph, equivalent to 76 km / hour. But Nissan still learn some more about this NMC, so I can like "2-mode EV car sharing. "

Where the vehicle is useful as a personal commuter in the morning or night.

Or as a personal car for business trips as well as revitalizing the community by providing mobility in urban areas and tourist sites.

Although there was still no sign of increased production, but if there are twins in France next year go on sale. Possible NMC will also follow it, we just wait.


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