5 Best in the World Elite Force

In a country, the security forces which usually consists of the national army and police can not solve all security problems that occur in the state, especially if the security problems facing the country is often called a special or special forces (terrorists, smuggling, etc. .) because police and regular army are usually only trained to handle problems that are universal. By the state because it necessary to establish a special force that deals solely with one side of the security problem, and almost all countries in the world already has special forces, including Indonesia with kopasus
But do you know five special forces that are considered the strongest in the World?

1. England SAS (Special Air Service)

 Is a special forces regiment within the British Army who had been a model for the special forces of other countries. SAS forms a significant part of the Special Forces in UK Special Boat Service (SBS), Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), and Special Forces Support Group (SFSG).

Martial: Gon-Ryu Karate
Alumni: Bear Grylls (Discovery channel is on the show Survival expert)

2. Israeli Mossad

The Mossad (HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim)
Mossad is responsible for intelligence gathering and covert operations including paramilitary activities. This is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, together with the Safe (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security), but the director reports directly to the Prime Minister. The role and functions similar to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

Martial: Israeli Krav Maga
Alumni: Rafi Eitan (Now he is already become one of the world's peacekeeping forces)
Motto: "Prevent the first attack, neutralize the opponent, make them look bad dream of the things they will do." -Ron Radjik

3. Indonesian Kopassus

Kopassus is the Indonesian Army's special forces. groups that conduct special operations missions for the Indonesian government, such as direct action: the conventional war, sabotage, counter-insurgency: counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering. Kopassus was founded on April 16, 1952. and most feared special unit is 81 Gultor Den. unfortunately the unit is less popular than the unit Detachment 88 in Indonesia's police, whereas 81 Gultor den is one of the most feared unit in the world. Den 81 Gultor an army equal to the ability of five regular army.

In the survey many are confused why the unit is included in the list of top 5, while the American forces did not enter. It all is in terms of capability assessment troops. Navy Seals okay to mobilize all sophisticated combat equipment to cope with an event, but Kopassus get points in common with the Navy Seals, but with sophisticated tools and prefer the individual capabilities of troops.

Once in a joint exercise between Kopassus and the Navy Seals, someone asked which one is better, and eventually they disarmed all the supporting equipment, which leaves only weapon in the hands masing2 Uzi. The end result is predictable exercise. Kopassus has successfully made the Navy Seals were like a set of boy scouts. that's why we put on the list to 3 Kopassus elite troops the world's best

Martial: Merpati Putih
Alumni: 3 best of Kopassus has become the world's peacekeeping forces.
Motto: Courage, Right, Succeed.

4. Russian Spetsnaz


Russian special forces to specifically refer to any elite or Spetsnaz units under subordination of the Federal Security Service (FSB) or the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry troops, and units are controlled by military intelligence service GRU.

Martial: Russian Sambo
Motto: "What a stupid hahaha its those who want to kill us by them, they just do not know that the blood will bertumpahan will come from their own. They just do not know ... that's all."

5.French GIGN

National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, commonly abbreviated as GIGN (French: Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale), is the elite Gendarmerie Special Operations French counter-terrorism and hostage rescue units; it is part of a military force called the Gendarmerie. Even if the members of the military, they are now charged with police duties outside urbanised areas. Thus, enhanced GIGN unit closer to the SWAT team rather than purely military units like the British SAS. The operators will be trained to follow police rules and includes the negotiation and investigation specialists.

Source : Trslb

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