Rossi tried Ducati 1000 cc

Valentino Rossi tested a Ducati motorcycle engine 1000 cc for the first time. The rider also claim satisfied with the performance of the motor to be used at next year's race.

Tests are conducted at the Jerez circuit, Spain on Friday (08/04/2011) local time. Rossi's motorhome named GP12 devour it with 50 laps. Tests will continue on Saturday (9 / 4) by Nicky Hayden.
"I like the GP 12. In my opinion this bike really comfortable, more comfortable ride," said the Italian as reported in Autosport.

"This is our first time menjajalnya on the track so there's still to be developed but the engine is more fun. More exciting and you can slide a few times,"said The Doctor

"This is the motor which we will use next year and the bike menyangkan - became the first driver who tried it on the track,"added the six-times MotoGP world champion it.

Ducati Technical Director Filippo Preziosi confessed optimist with GP12. He considered the motor will be suitable for Rossi.

"The positive is that the technical choices made ​​for the GP12 in the initial planning phase, in 2010 - and I refer particularly to a machine that is still very early but Valentino is satisfied. It gives us great satisfaction and we are optimistic that the motor-related repairs will be done," he said.

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